Stretching and growing, both personally and professionally, can not only lead to promotions and increased job opportunities but can also lead to a deeper understanding of one’s capabilities and potential.  However, most people get comfortable with where they are, both in life and with their career, and they unfortunately stop growing and developing.  In some cases, people go to work, raise a family, and get stuck in a mundane routine as the years’ progress.  But we all have special gifts and talents, and we all have untapped potential on the inside for greatness.  Also we only use about 10% of our mental capacity, and we could achieve so much more if we just learned how to use our mind more. Finally, ask yourself this question, are you happy with where you are in your life and career?  If not, then now is the time to do something about it.  Look at where you are, then where you want to be, and believe that it is possible! Hence, it is important to stretch and grow to achieve your full potential and live the life of your dreams.  This can be done through the process of Personal and Professional Development.

But to see change, you have make a conscious effort to make this happen, as things just don’t happen. You have to be intentional about Personal and Professional Development, and do the things that are uncomfortable, until they become comfortable, and work at it.  Personal and Professional Development is ‘easy to do’, but it is also ‘easy not to do’.  For example, when you come home from work, it is easy to switch on the TV for 3-4 hours, watch the latest episodes of reality TV, and do this night after night and wonder why things don’t change or get better!  But it is equally easy not to watch TV for many hours, and take some time to develop oneself, and undertake some reading of positive uplifting development books, or walk around the block to get some exercise.

One such way to help with the process is to get a Personal Coach and Mentor to help you with Personal and Professional Development.  All great Leaders, from the sports arena to the business world, in fact anyone who has achieved greatness, have a coach or mentor to develop key skills to a greater level.  The benefits are they can help work with you, share ideas, push you, make you have accountability, and discuss ideas and plans.  By bouncing ideas off a coach enables you to see through the fog, or the messiness, of complex issues.

When I started undertaking Personal and Professional Development, it literally changed my life for the better, and I cannot emphasize enough what a difference this has made in both my personal and professional life.  It pushed me to get my PhD, write over 120 papers, become a Group Managing Director of a Global Company, and now start my own Company.

As a result of this impact in my life, I am determined to share this invaluable opportunity with others.  As such, we have a Personal and Professional Development ‘one-on-one’ Coaching and Mentoring Service, within The Leadership & Motivation Group, at The Jukes Group.  The main aim of the Leadership & Motivation Group is to help others to be successful.  We want others to benefit from our skills and experience.  But what does it cover?  The following are key themes that we share and teach during our one-on-one coaching sessions.

  • Personal Development: factors for success, finding your passion, what is your purpose and mission, importance of dreams – visions and goal setting, aspects of positivity, having a great attitude, ethics of ‘giving-back’, developing soft skills, habit of daily journaling, creating a victory log, creating a development plan, investigate your strengths and weaknesses, developing your library of key development books, and reading key nonfiction books.
  • Professional Development: career path development, creating a career plan, goal setting, how to become a Chartered Engineer, skills to be a better Engineer/Manager/VP, and/or CEO. How to become a Fellow of a Professional Institute sooner than others.  Which Qualifications to undertake, developing yourself and your team, creating great Core Values for yourself and team, creating a Center of Excellence, creating a great culture, and teamwork.


Learn from others who have been there and done it!  Very important to get a great coach.  Get a coach that has been there, or has achieved something great, so that you can then learn from that person.  It is best to get someone who has proven track record in leadership, strong academic base and a great professional back ground.  In our Leadership & Motivation Group we have 3 leaders who ‘walk the talk’ on Personal and Professional Development, and are now sharing their experience and skills to others so that they will benefit too.


  • Dr Paul Jukes has experience in inspiring people to become better Leaders of themselves, their family, their work colleagues, and their Company. Over 20 years in the Industry. Experience as Engineer, a President and Group Managing Director.  A Fellow of 4 Professional Institutes.  CEng, MBA and PhD trained. Now an entrepreneur and founder, President & CEO of The Jukes Group. Graduate of Dale Carnegie. Over 130 publications.


  • Mark Friedman, Ph.D. (Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of Tennessee), has over 30 years of experience in leadership and organization development. He has extensive experience working with leaders on strategic planning, performance issues, team building, career planning, and executive development.  Mark has worked for a wide range of companies including RCA, Tenneco, Tennessee Valley Authority, Bureau of Land Management, Compaq Computer Corporation, Exxon/Mobil, BPAmoco, ABB Lummus Global, URS (now AECOM), LyondellBasel, National Oilwell Varco, and FMC Technologies.  Mark has worked with over 3000 people helping them with career management and career transition issues and has conducted a Career Management Workshops for BP, Condea Vista, Amoco, ConocoPhillips, and the City of Houston.


  • Carol Jukes is a Certified Life Coach and an experienced and proven Entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in the Real Estate Industry. Carol is passionate about helping others reach their fullest potential and helping people reach their goals through motivation, positivity and personal growth. Carol is a Lawyer by training.


Also the good thing is, you are never too old to start Personal and Professional Development.  You can start today, and start putting changes in place that will foster the mind and create ideas that propel you forward to greatness.  You can start today if you are truly serious about wanting to see a change.

We do this Personal and Professional Development at The Jukes Group because we believe in it, it works, we walk the talk, and we enjoy seeing Success.  Learn from the best, and you too can be Successful!

If anyone is interested, then please email The Jukes Group at, call 281-346-4533, for further information. To help students, and unemployed people, significant discounts are available.

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