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If you want to achieve anything great in life, you must have a 'Vision for Growth'. All great achievers, all great leaders, anyone who has reached Greatness of any level, started with a Dream and a Vision. Everyone has a dream planted on the inside, but unfortunately people do not pursue and live their dreams because of fear of what others might say, fear of failure, and sometimes even fear of success. Over coming fear is a process that can be done and once you have overcome that fear, you can step out in faith and believe in yourself that you can do it, and strive to live your dreams!
The most important step to living your dream is Goal Setting. Once you have set goals in all areas of your life (Wealth, Health, Career, Happiness, Spiritual, Relationships, Wiser and Giving-back) you must become intentional about pursuing them. Look at your goals daily, work at them, and make them happen!
You must also have Passion. If you don't have passion – strive to find your passion! You must be passionate about what you do, so that your passion can get you through the tough times. We all have our tough moments, when we get rejections and obstacles put in our path, but your passion and mission will push your forward.
At the Jukes Group we believe in a Culture that helps to make people Successful, and we want to inspire others to Greatness. We believe in ‘helping others to be Successful before ourselves’. One of the many ways we achieve this is to undertake weekly training as a team, and work on personal development books by great authors such as Napoleon Hill, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Dr. John Maxwell, Darren Hardy and Jon Gordon.
'Birds of a feather flock together', so avoid negative people, and hang around people that are positive and are going places. Hang around winners, hang around people that can inspire you and build you up. Start today, start goal setting, have a 'Vision for Growth', and you will be taken to heights of Greatness that you did not know were possible!
Please contact The Jukes Group if you require further information about Leadership and Motivation, Mentoring Services, and to hear about Classes in Personal & Professional Development.