Dr. Paul Jukes recently attended a dinner attended by the Fellows of the US Gulf Branch of the IMarEST in Houston. The Dinner and Networking event was in the presence of IMarEST Chief Executive David Loosley and Communications Director Charlotte Lord. Mr. Loosley spoke at the event, and gave an update about the IMarEST, and the 5-year Strategic Plan. This was also an opportunity for HQ to meet local Fellows of the Branch.

The current Chairman, Alan Mills, gave a few words of thank you to everyone who attended. “This event was a great Success, and thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.” – Alan Mills FIMarEST, Chairman of US Gulf Coast Branch.

This was also an opportunity for the previous Chairman’s of the US Gulf Coast Branch to get together for a group photo with David Loosley. Previous Chairman’s of The US Gulf Coast Branch included Peter Brock (1990 to 1998), Stan Symon (1998 – 2001)[deceased], Mark Waller (2001 – 2004), Ben Thurmond (2004-2006), Dr. Paul Jukes (2006 – 2012) and Alan Mills (2012 – present).

The US Gulf Coast Branch was started in 1990 by Peter Brock and Mark Waller. This Fellows Dinner was the first time for the past and present Chairman’s to meet, and be together, at the same time.